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E307: SaaS Strategies in a Crunch: Growth in Tough Times

Dive into the seismic shifts challenging SaaS companies in 2023’s economic terrain! Sean unpacks the OpenView Benchmarks report, reveals key survival tactics for SaaS founders and CEOs, and uncovers the profitable edge AI integration offers. Tune in for insider insights to pivot, adapt, and outperform in a financial squeeze!

Key Points

  • SaaS trends from OpenView 2023
  • Economic dip’s impact on SaaS
  • AI native companies excel
  • Monetizing AI fosters growth
  • Only 15% capitalize on AI


  • “’cause it was so cheap to access money. Money was cheap because interest rates were low.”
  • “But good news is there are pockets here where performance hasn’t just beat expectations, but actually they’re growing faster than anticipated.”
  • “You have a greater than three times likelihood of being an outlier in that growing faster than a year before if you are an AI native company.”
  • “What you need to do is figure out not just how to leverage it appropriately, but you have to figure out how to successfully monetize it.”
  • “If you can do that, you can dramatically increase the probability of better financial performance in a more difficult economic climate for your SaaS company.”