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E72: ChatGPT Will Change The Game

by Sean Boyce

Accessing information will never be the same.

Accessing information will never be the same.  

Let’s talk about what ChatGPT has the potential to change with its disruptive technological capabilities.  

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Episode Transcript
Hey, folks, Sean here and I am

so geeking out about ChatGPT.

I want to talk to you about what I think

are the most disruptive potential use cases and how it

could change the way we access information forever.

So if you don’t know what ChatGPT is, it’s

essentially an AI bot, but one you can have a

conversation with and access information in a completely new way.

Comes from the folks at OpenAI, and they’ve been

working on this for years, training this thing over

and over again and releasing multiple versions of it

over time, as they’ve been testing in order to

make the results better and better.

And their most recent release, which came out around

the November time frame, is starting to make its

rounds around the world and it is leaving a

dramatic impression on everybody who’s experienced it so far,

especially as techies like me, that we’re just geeking

out thinking about the possibilities.

I have heard so many cool different stories

from so many different people about what they’ve

used it for that has made a dramatic

impact to the way that they do things.

So I want to talk about what some of

those are because I’ve been reading articles and hearing

the stories and all that kind of stuff, but

I want to talk about what I think ChatGPT

has in terms of potential to majorly disrupt.

The way we access information, which I think is by

far the coolest use case, or at least the one

that has the potential to be the most disruptive.

Now, for me, what I think is the problem

ultimately that I will solve, which could be the

biggest problem experienced by the largest number of people,

because that’s usually where I’m focused.

I’m always looking for what I call

these problems worth solving, or using different

frameworks, like jobs to be done.

If you’re familiar, as in what’s

the obvious unmet need here?

How can we apply technology to solve a problem that

is the largest problem experienced by the largest number of

people that will provide the strongest ROI and the most

value and all that kind of stuff, right?

That is the potential to help the

most people and generate the most value

for a company that’s providing the technology

that’s ultimately going to solve that problem.

And for me, I think it’s the way we access information.

So if we think about the way this happens

for most people today, myself, for example, I go

to search engines, I go to Google to try

to access whatever it is I’m trying to find.

However, most of the time I’m

left frustrated with that experience.

And I’ll give you my use case.

If I want to find something through Google, I’ve got to

get the exact key phrase in terms of whatever it is

I’m looking for exactly correct, or else I’m not going to

wind up finding what it is I was looking for.

And what I think is so frustrating about that

experience is if I don’t get that key phrase

exactly correct, I have to start all over again.

That’s what’s frustrating to me is like, it’s not more of

a conversation and that’s really what Chat GPT is, which I

think so far has been the coolest experience with it for

me, as I can start with a conversation about I live

in the Philly area and I’m a bit of a sports

buff, so I follow the Philadelphia Eagles.

But I was on a group call with

a number of my friends recently and we

were geeking out about it and its potential.

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So we’re asking it questions like, tell us about who

the top players on the Eagles were, then just kind

of stop there and see what it comes up with.

And we wondered, is it going to fill in the gaps?

Is it going to know what we mean by Eagles?

And short answer is yes, it did.

It filled in the gaps there and it

listed what was the top players based on

certain categories for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

So it inserted some information that we

didn’t feel the need to specify or

we wouldn’t have in conversation format.

And I think that is the coolest thing of it that

it provides so far is it enables us to access information

in a way that we naturally would want to as humans,

as opposed to thinking like a search engine.

I get to think like a person, which sounds weird

to say, but it is a much more pleasant experience.

And the results thus far are also more effective, as

in I don’t have to guess and think like a

robot, like, figure out what the keywords are, Philadelphia Eagles,

best player, so on and so forth, and then see

what might come up in terms of results.

I can ask a question like I would

to a person who might be super knowledgeable

on the topic and then get the kind

of information that I’m looking for almost immediately.

That’s what’s super exciting about it as well too.

And most of the people that I’m talking

with are talking about the time save that

the technology is providing them for the use

cases that they’re attempting to solve problems with.

So that, I think is really exciting about Chat GPT

and what it can do in that it enables us

to access this information in a different way conversation format,

which is how we think and act naturally as humans.

As opposed to trying to figure out how to kind

of game or work a different system, which today the

leading one for most people is probably the search engine.

But the use cases are unlimited here.

And that’s where I’d love some feedback from you in

terms of, like, what you think are the coolest ways

this technology has the potential to disrupt the way we

do things, because the possibilities are seemingly endless.

And I think that’s one of the other

coolest things about researching this technology right now

is you’re figuring out all the cool things.

People are figuring out how to use it

or leverage it in order to move entire

industries forward, starting with solving small problems.

But those problems are getting bigger and bigger as

I learn about how people are leveraging this technology.

And I’ve seen everything from writing code, writing poems

about what different types of wild stories and stuff

like that, to actually writing code for folks.

I know people that are pretty advanced engineers that are

saying that it’s saving them a tremendous amount of time

because whatever it is they want to whip up in

code chat, GPT is able to do it for them.

In like, seconds or minutes or it may not be perfect,

so it may not be, like, the exact code that you

would design perfectly or whatever, but how often do we really

need that in order to move things like that forward?


More often than not, there’s a balance between efficiency and

effectiveness where if we can get what we need to

be effective sooner rather than later, that probably is going

to provide us with even more value than if we

were designed to perfectly from the beginning.

There’s diminishing returns there.

So anyway, I could go on about what I

think the possibilities are here pretty much forever, but

Chat GPT has the potential to disrupt the way

we do things in a major way.