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E94: ChatGPT Could Work At Google

ChatGPT has passed the Google level 3 software engineering interview.

What does this mean?

Well it means BIG changes are coming to your product development team (at least they should).

So let’s talk about what you should be doing to prepare.

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Episode Transcript
Okay folks, Sean here and today what I wanna talk to you about are the AI tools that are coming for software engineering jobs. Now, I know this is a hot topic recently, especially with ChatGPT and Codex component and all the things that it’s capable of. I’ve been producing a lot of content talking about this because I’m excited for.

The evolution in product development software engineering for a while now has been one of the bigger bottlenecks to the process of producing software features applications more efficiently. As such, that has cannibalized a lot of the resources that have invested into product development and prevented investment elsewhere.

in particular with discovery and research, which are typically underutilized in a lot of product organizations, especially the B2B SaaS ones that I consult for. So that’s often a huge area of opportunity for additional investment to make a greater impact. However, not withstanding still the limitation being the bottleneck and software engineering often prevents set investment.

So what I wanna talk about today,  what I would consider to be rather exciting development in chat GB T’s capability of being able to pass technical interviews for some companies like Google. Now, there’s been quite a bit written about this one, but chat G P T was evaluated by the Google team and was able to pass.

A level three technical interview for our software engineering role. And while that may be relatively entry level at Google, it comes with an impressive salary of about $183,000 a year. So now we could talk for a while about the tools capabilities and using an actual human engineer versus the AI tool and go back and forth there, but I don’t think that’s the.

Interesting element here, and really the one that’s likely to be the most impactful for your team and your B2B SaaS company. I think instead, what we need to consider is the fact. This technology is here and it’s already doing that work. Companies are already replacing software engineers, especially on the junior side, with tools like ChatGPT because of what they can do and how much faster they can do it.

As such, that cat is out of the bag. So for anyone thinking. Well, this tool doesn’t have certain capabilities or it can’t do creative problem solving. Like I get that right. And I’m not saying you’re wrong about that, at least for now, but chances are that’s gonna change as well too. What you do know is that the tool has considerable capabilities right now, and it’s on its infancy, so as that continues to develop, it’s only gonna get better at being able to perform in this area.

For those of us thinking of becoming anywhere near territorial about these positions or these roles, I think that’s a mistake. And historically, as technology has evolved, we’ve seen that taking a stance like that which is almost adverse to the evolving technology doesn’t put you in a best position to be successful.

Instead, what I would encourage you to do is think about how these new capabilities are likely to enable your team to be able to evolve with it and do more. Particularly giving you time back, and I want you to think about why are you’re going to invest that time that you’re going to get back. I’m gonna encourage you to try to do so with discovery and research because I feel that’s a great area to create a greater impact for now what you’re working on and why that’s important.

But in terms of the actual how of getting it done and moving faster, I think you really need to be prepared for enabling your product development teams, especially in the software engineering side to. By using these tools. I think that’s one of the biggest opportunities that’s coming a long time.