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E97: Growing Your Business Without Any Additional Funding with GrowthMentor’s Foti Panagio

In this episode, Founder of GrowthMentor Foti Panagio talks about the importance of having a mentor, the difference between a mentor and a consultant, and how to grow a business without any additional funding.

Foti Panagio is a full-stack growth marketer with over a decade of experience in growth with a unique overlap into the world of InfraOps.

Foti is the Founder of GrowthMentor where he provides Founders and Marketers one on one advice from vetted startup mentors. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:

  • How GrowthMentor helps Founders and Marketers.
  • Why having a mentor is so important.
  • The difference between a mentor and a consultant.
  • How the amount of content you consume affects your productivity.
  • The value of verbalizing your thought process.
  • The difference between passively consuming media and personalized coaching.
  • How to tackle imposter syndrome.
  • The dangers of following vanity metrics.
  • How to grow a business without raising funds.


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  • 04:05 – “There’s certain mistakes and failures you need to make to grow my favorite analogy here is you go to the gym and how do you grow muscle you break it first and it rebuilds but go with the wrong form into the squat rack you put way too much weight and you’re going to be out of action indefinitely and it’s these sort of mistakes that are really unnecessary and that’s where mentorship can come into play just learning from other peoples fuckups.”
  • 09:01 – “As awesome as it is to ingest content via podcast at the end of the day everybody’s situation is completely unique, so I have my industry I have my specific situation going on it’s so nuanced so the advice I’m going to give to you is completely different to somebody else based on the context and that’s lost when you’re just consuming content.”
  • 10:54 – “The way I describe mentorship is it helps you connect the dots that you didn’t even know existed so many times I’ll talk to somebody hey I need some help with my Facebook ads or SEO or whatever and zoom back and there’s another channel potentially they want to look at or another approach or a slight little tweak it’s like a chiropractor in a sense you go that little snap and you see things differently or the neurons transmit in a more efficient way.”
  • 14:59 – “A lot of people shy away from that what do you mean a lifestyle business don’t you want to get rich? And I’m like well it’s nothing to be ashamed of you want to life your life and style it the way you want so it’s a lifestyle business.”
  • 20:34 – “If you want the most efficient honest-to-God truth of how to avoid funding just learn how to do more jobs yourself and then you don’t have to hire other people, it’s pretty simple.”