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E52: How to Apply UX to Receive the Best Outcomes with Tim Eulie

by Sean Boyce

Tim Eulie from Eulie Creative joins me to discuss what exactly UX is, the importance of it, how to apply it effectively…

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Tim Eulie is an experienced creative consulting partner working with businesses in wellness, lifestyle, culinary fields, and healthcare to strategically develop their visual assets.
Tim works at all stages of UX right from the conceptual stage, creating an idea, coordinating the hardware and talent, and overseeing production to its final stages. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:
  • How Tim started working in UX.
  • What UX is and its purpose.
  • Why a company needs to have solid UX.
  • How to effectively apply UX to receive the best outcomes.
  • The difference between UI and UX.
  • How to react to user error issues.
  • What makes a good UX process.
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  • 12:42 – “If you want your users to do a certain thing and they find it very challenging to do that thing that you want them to do then your probably going to have to make changes if you want them to be more successful.”
  • 22:11 – “Everything you design is for the user, and those are your primary considerations, it was a very humanist look and I was surprised they kept pushing it, because even when I was studying it, I was like no one’s going to pay me to design something for the user, they’re going to pay me for something that accomplishes their goals.”