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E49: How to Scale Your Professional Services Firm Without Hiring

This episode, I explain different strategies to scale your company without hiring, specific growth traps companies commonly fall into, and the importance of growing stronger, not just growing bigger.

Sean Boyce has run his own consultancy firm NxtStep Consulting for over 10 years and has founded multiple other companies at the same time. He’s extremely experienced in working with B2B SaaS product businesses and is well-known for having a big impact on the businesses he’s worked with. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:

  • Creative ways to scale your company besides hiring.
  • Why you should map out your growth trajectory.
  • Common traps companies fall into when in a growth phase.
  • The ways problems can snowball.
  • Different types of growth.
  • Why not all growth is good growth.


Connecting with the host:


  • 01:43 – “What worked for your firm to get you to where you are now is highly likely to not be enough to help your firm get through the phase that you’re at now and to the level that you want to operate at next, because quite a lot changes as your firm grows and scales.”
  • 07:54 – “If you have issues in the foundation that start showing them to you at a particular stage and you choose to ignore them those problems are not going to go away in fact they’re going to become larger.”