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E41: Hunting vs. Farming

This episode, I explain the difference between hunting and farming as it pertains to product sales, the pros and cons of each of these methods, and why these two types of processes are so important when building your product company.

Sean Boyce has run his own consultancy firm NxtStep Consulting for over 10 years and has founded multiple other companies at the same time. He’s extremely experienced in working with B2B SaaS product businesses and is well-known for having a big impact on the businesses he’s worked with. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:

  • The difference between hunting and farming.
  • The pros and cons of both hunting and farming.
  • How to make your sales effort and your marketing effort complement each other.
  • The importance of making your product sales process repeatable.
  • Why you should build the product sales process before you start to leverage help from others.
  • When you should invest in market activities and what that can do for you.
  • The problem with random acts of marketing.
  • The dangers of delegating your marketing to others too early on.


Connecting with the host:


  • 0:39 – “Hunting is often associated with sales or something that you’re doing proactively to find leads and convert prospects into paying customers. Farming on the other hand is more related to marketing.”
  • 14:47 – “I would recommend you start with the hunting effort or the sales effort and then look for opportunities to get more into investing into the farming effort or the marketing effort.”