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E33: Product Flexibility as a Growth Strategy with Agora’s SVP of Marketing Virginia Liu

by Sean Boyce

SVP of marketing and ecosystems at Agora Virginia Liu joins me to discuss the rise of virtual working, the new virtual workspaces and applications that are being created, and how Agora helps developers build new innovative programs.

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Virginia Liu worked at Microsoft for 15 years before moving to Agora where she is the SVP of Marketing and Ecosystems. Virginia brings years of experience in marketing, developer relations, and strategic partnership experience in the software industry, with a track record in delivering drastic growth and business transformation. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:
  • How Virginia became the SVP of marketing and ecosystems at Agora.
  • What Agora is and how it helps developers build programs.
  • How the demand for the Agora service has increased due to the pandemic
  • The creative applications Agora’s customers have developed with access to their tools and services
  • How to organize data and feedback from users to make your product better as a platform as a service company
  • The unique aspects of managing a platform as a service product compared with traditional SaaS products.
  • The different types of virtual events and applications that are now available.
  • How to build a product company.
Connecting with Virginia Liu:
Connecting with the host:
  • 01:18 – “Sometimes it’s really not enough to have a good product, really how you go to market and the time you go to market is super important.”
  • 05:43 – “It is possible, you can naturally, successfully, grow a business and grow a team completely remotely and virtually.”