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E36: Product Marketers Are The New CMOs with Mary Sheehan

Head of Product Marketing at Adobe Advertising Cloud Mary Sheehan joins me to discuss what product marketing is, how we can tell if product marketing is effective, and the difference a product marketer has from a traditional CMO…

Mary Sheehan is the Head of Product Marketing at Adobe Advertising Cloud, the host of the Women in Product Marketing Podcast, and has been a product marketing leader focused on B2B tech and SaaS companies for over 12 years. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:

  • How Mary became the Head of Product Marketing at Adobe Advertising Cloud.
  • The product marketing skills Mary has learned throughout her career.
  • What product marketing is and how it’s different from a traditional CMO.
  • How product marketing has changed in the last decade.
  • What effective product marketing looks like.
  • What’s next for product marketing and how aspiring PMM’s can make an impact.
  • Why Mary started her own product marketing podcast.
  • The importance and benefits of diversity.


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  • 12:50 – “I am noticing this new trend that a lot of CMO picks now have that product marketing path, including Apple’s CMO as well.”
  • 15:03 – “I want to start with saying that the business outcomes are usually what I look to for a successful product marketing organization.”
  • 19:29 – “One of the tenants of product marketing that you’ll hear people talking about is to really choose a very specific audience and persona for anything you’re doing.”