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E58: When’s The Right Time to Launch Your Product with Ignite’s Derek Osgood

Ignition’s Founder and CEO Derek Osgood joins me to discuss the different strategies there are for launching a product, why indirect and direct marketing should be used together, and how to know if your product will be successful.

Derek Osgood is a trained brand marketer with an entrepreneur’s mindset who is experienced in leading teams in the startup growth trenches.

Derek is both a marketing executive and consultant and has consistently delivered double-digit monthly growth across a variety of markets and business models. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Product Launch:

  • How to define product marketing and why it’s in such high demand.
  • Different strategies for launching a product.
  • Common pitfalls companies fall into during their product launch.
  • How indirect and direct marketing complement each other.
  • How to know if you have a product that will be successful.
  • When you should start shipping a product.
  • When to start charging for your products and how to price them.


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  • 10:18 – “You really need to make it feel like it’s everywhere in order to drive the kind of adoption that you want and the only way that you do that is if you go through a real planning cycle and you actually think about this stuff holistically.”
  • 17:12 – “Don’t build anything until you’ve actually got some confirmation that people actually want the thing that you’re building.”