Are You Concerned That Your Organization Could Get Lost Trying To Implement Your Roadmap?

Your product roadmap will tell you where to go, but you need help getting there. You know there are tons of pitaflls that your organization can fall into along the way. It’s also easier than it seems to read a map wrong. That’s why 9 out of 10 software products fail.

Here’s only some of the reasons why so many software products fail:

Lacking a product expert to protect your interests
Deviating from the roadmap without knowing it
Building at your clients instead of with your clients
Making changes you shouldn’t along the way
Spending too much time and money on one step

It seems like you’re close, but you still feel so far away…

What If You Had A Product Veteran On Your Team

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you’re taking the journey with someone who has been there hundreds of times before. Someone who already knows both the pitfalls to avoid and the best path to take.

As your product partner I’ll ensure that:

Your team has the product expertise you need
We will stick to the roadmap so we don’t get lost
We’ll incorporate your clients in the process
We won’t change anything that will slow us down
We’ll complete each step quickly and cost-effectively

I can help your organization successfully achieve your product goals.

You Need A Product Partner

I’ll provide all of the product guidance that your organization needs.

Let me advise you through the execution of your product plan. I will work closely with your team throughout the entire implementation of your product plan to ensure it is done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

As your product success partner, I will advise your team and oversee their work. I will provide all the product expertise necessary to ensure your team knows exactly what to do to successfully implement your product roadmap. I will continuously train and educate your team to grow their product knowledge so that eventually they will be so strong that you won’t need me anymore.

We are now enrolling people into our program faster than ever and are much more prepared to scale.

Since working with NxtStep, we’ve been able to take products from idea to the hands of our customers in weeks, not months. We’re aiming to bring our program to over 200,000 households in the next decade, and these products are a key part of how we will be able to make that happen.
We are now enrolling people into our program faster than ever and are much more prepared to scale.
Besides the obvious results, it has been a pleasure to work with Sean and his team at NxtStep. They bring so much valuable knowledge and expertise to our team and always share it when necessary so we can not only advance our mission, but further our own education about the process.
George Reuter
Director of Impact and Innovation

Here’s How It Works

I’ll capture your product vision and goals in our kickoff session
Over the next few weeks, I’ll meet with your team to identify the gaps in their knowledge
I’ll join your team on regular weekly sessions to ensure product expertise is always present
I will provide you with weekly updates by email on our progress and any roadblocks that must be addressed
I’ll make tactical decisions on your behalf that match your vision so you can get time back
For any strategic decisions, I’ll review our best options with you so you can decide which direction you’d like to go
In bi-weekly sessions, we’ll review results thus far so you can report these progress updates to your team and the board

Do You Need A Product Partner?

Are you ready to get moving on implementing your product roadmap? Great. Schedule our session together by clicking the schedule button below.

The price for the program is $10k/mo.

Having a product partner means being able to implement your roadmap as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to realize your product vision.

I only work with people for whom I know I can deliver outstanding results. Let’s meet for 30 minutes to see if we are a good fit. Don’t worry the call is free. I just want to make sure I can actually help.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so convinced that I can provide you with the boost your team needs to succeed in realizing your product vision that I’m willing to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If by the end of our first month of working together you feel like your team isn’t stronger and on the right path toward achieving real product success, I’ll provide you with a full refund.

Don’t take my word for it

Hear directly from the industry leaders like you who I’ve been lucky enough to help with scaling impact in terms of what type of results you can expect.

“Sean and NxtStep were the exact partners we needed so that we could start bringing value to more clients faster and more cost effectively than we had once thought possible.“
Markita Morris-Louis, Esq.
CEO of Compass Working Capital
“It has been a pleasure working with Sean and his team at NxtStep. Our products knowledge has increased significantly and the benefits of their work will continue to pay dividends as we continue to grow and scale our product organization.”
Rebecca Block, PhD
AVP of Innovation & Improvement at Springboard

Have more questions?

What if I don’t already have a product roadmap or plan?

No problem. I can also help you build one. Please see my product roadmapping service here.

Unsure If Your Firm Needs A Product Partner?

It’s great to meet you. I’m Sean.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about software and technology that drives impact. I’ve helped hundreds of people and dozens of nonprofit organizations leverage strategies that scale impact.

The nonprofit organizations I’ve helped with software and technology strategy have scaled impact exponentially while getting upwards of half of their time back.

Get The Peace Of Mind You Want While Building The Product You Need

The expertise you need to guide you is only a click away.

Stop worrying about where that help will come from and schedule a session with me to see if I can help you get past that roadblock.

Are you stuck half-way through implementing a roadmap? Click here to learn more about my rescue service.

100% Money back guarantee – if you aren’t completely satisfied with the progress at the end of the first month, I’ll give you a full refund.

There’s Never Enough Time to Help Everyone

The sooner you secure the right partner, the sooner you’ll solve this problem for good.

To ensure a high quality of service, I limit the number of Product Partner engagements I manage simultaneously. Once the spots are full, it can be months or years until another slot becomes available.

If it is sold out, please email me at so I can add you to my waiting list.

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Net result?

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