Scaling Impact

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E22: Using Tech as a Force Multiplier in Providing Financial Literacy to the Youth with Money Talks Edu’s Crystal Evans

This episode, I’m joined by the Founder and President of Money Talks Edu Crystal Evans to discuss how she’s maximizing the impact she has on children, the ways she’s leveraging technology to scale impact, and how using apps can help measure the impact you’re having.

Crystal Evans is a Former Business Banker and the President at Money Talks Edu, an NGO focused on providing educational platforms that “Combat Generational Poverty,” and empower youths and adults through Financial Literacy.

Over the past decade Crystal has partnered with several Career-Link Centers, the New Jersey District Courts New Re-Entry Program, and social service agencies; securing job opportunities through private multimillion-dollar contracting opportunities and non-profit projects. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Scaling Impact:

  • The importance of having financial literacy.
  • How to improve your financial literacy.
  • Ways financial literacy is being made affordable and accessible.
  • How Crystal is maximizing the impact she has on children.
  • The benefits of using an app to complement other resources.
  • How to measure the impact you’re having.
  • Ways to leverage technology to scale impact.


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  • 6:23 – “Credit, personal finance, mortgages, car notes, all those things that’s the American Dream, that’s what we sometimes measure success by, and if you don’t know how to manage these things or prepare to have those luxuries and then prepare for emergencies and the things that come along with having those luxuries  you can put yourself in a deep hole and a lot of debt.”
  • 21:22 – “Technology is definitely a good thing, it’s powerful and of course working with students our biggest thing is making sure security is there and we protect their information but as long as we have tech we’re able to not only work here in Pennsylvania but we can cover the tri-state, we can cover the country, and that’s the goal.”