Scaling Impact

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E40: How being a Trauma-Informed Organization can Increase Impact with Hopeworks Lindajoy Jackson

This episode, Hopeworks’ Director of Business Lindajoy Jackson talks about the opportunities people get when they have tech knowledge, how leveraging technology and software can help you reach a wider audience, and why being trauma-informed is so impactful.

Lindajoy Jackson is the Director of Business at Hopeworks and has a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry.

LindaJoy is skilled in Coaching, Management, Leadership, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, and Business Development. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Scaling Impact:

  • What an antipoverty organization does.
  • The opportunities having tech knowledge gives you.
  • How to measurably drive the impact an organization is having.
  • What it means to scale impact.
  • The implications of scaling impact.
  • How to leverage technology and software to reach a wider audience.
  • What being trauma-informed means and why it’s important.


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  • 2:36 – “If you’re between the ages of 17 and 26 those are our only parameters for joining the program 99 percent are unemployed and making 400 dollars or less a year the goal is to get them into a stable living wage or above job so for us on average people are making 43 thousand dollars a year when they come out.”
  • 4:39 – “You don’t necessarily need a postsecondary degree or anything like that to get into the field so that’s a great place that entry-level tech space we know that people can make a good salary and then with some soft skills as well as actual some actual tech skills that can really open up a door for them where not only can they get in at a really great place there’s also a tremendous amount of growth that they can have in their careers as well.”
  • 12:02 – “For impact I think a huge piece is being able to serve more people when we talk about scaling so that means our physical facilities have to be different we have to have more space.”
  • 23:42 – “It’s so easy to keep moving a million miles an hour sometimes we can forget how important it is to just take a step back and take a breath and hear somebody out in terms of how’s everything going, everybody’s so focused on pushing and moving forward but if you don’t take that time and take those necessary precautions then that can set up some form of failure or setback at a later date which you could have prevented.”
  • 24:42 – If you had had a brief conversation and someone just said I need two days off to deal with this you could have avoided turnover or whatever that might be and what we have found is that it has made us more successful not less successful, our numbers are getting better and better as we turn into a trauma-informed organization impact, success, KPIs went up.”