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E47: Creative Solutions To Common Hiring Challenges For Nonprofits with Vicki Burkhart

by Sean Boyce

This episode, the CEO of the More Than Giving Co. Vicki Burkhart talks about why it’s hard for non-profits to get the expertise they need, how nonprofits can solve common hiring challenges, and the benefits of running a nonprofit with a fractional, fully-remote team.

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Vicki Burkhart has over 20 years in working for nonprofits rising to VP/Director level and gaining extensive experience with major gift cultivation, board development, strategic planning, organizational development, and volunteer management.
Vicki founded the More Than Giving Co. with the goal of delivering innovative solutions to help more volunteer-driven nonprofits reach sustainability. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Scaling Impact:
  • The unique challenges nonprofits have.
  • Why it’s hard for non-profits to get the expertise they need.
  • How nonprofits can solve common hiring challenges.
  • The benefits of running a nonprofit with a fractional, fully-remote team.
  • Expanding and building fundraising programs.
  • The difference between fractional staff and consultants.
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Connecting with the host:
  • 14:18 – “A good place to start is to begin to look at team as the expertise that you need to bring into your nonprofit to make it work, to make it successful, to help it reach it goals versus the individuals that you need to have on board and I think it’s certainly a mind shift for the nonprofit organizations, I believe for-profit businesses have started down that road a lot more.”
  • 17:01 – “When you hire a team and you’re giving out annual contracts you’re sort of set with those people when you hire a fractional team as our model dictates you can sort of sub in and bring in and out the people that you need to accomplish that.”
  • 18:05 – “You can hire one position for 80 thousand dollars plus benefits of you can take 80 thousand dollars and build teams with that 80 thousand you may have four or five or six people that are coming in with different skill sets and still be under what they may cost in a single individual who you’re anticipating is going to do everything that this team of people is going to be, it’s not a model for everyone but I think it’s worth thinking about.”
  • 25:48 – “Look at a team approach and a model to what you’re doing and how you’re staffing your organization that’s going to work for you as an Executive Director, going to work for the organization and going to make the most sense going forward. We’re seeing so much transition in the workplace right now the competition for positions is growing, I think there is a lot of benefit to looking at fractional staffing knowing that these folks are coming out of other clients and other worlds where they bring real-time expertise to your organization, it gets really difficult to get stale when you’ve got people coming in and out of the group.”