Scaling Impact

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E4: Scaling Your Business with DreamSpring’s Francisco Lopez & Amber Kani

Francisco Lopez and Amber Kani join me to discuss the journey they’ve been on with the community development organization DreamSpring, how they’ve scaled the business to have more impact, and how they source new clients.

Francisco Lopez has over 20 years of experience in financial institutions and is the Chief Operations and Innovation Officer at DreamSpring and is a Board Member at EBA Fund.Amber Kani is the Director Of Communications at DreamSpring and has diverse experience in marketing, fundraising, corporate social responsibility, operations, employee engagement, project management, impact measurement, and strategic growth. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Scaling Impact:

  • The products and services DreamSpring offers and how they help fund businesses.
  • The small businesses and entrepreneurs that DreamSpring tends to work with.
  • How DreamSpring was able to scale up and reach more clients.
  • The value of investing in your own technology and platforms.
  • How DreamSpring sources new clients.
  • What DreamSpring’s future goals are and how they determined these.


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  • 08:45 – “The type of client, and small business and entrepreneur that we serve it’s across the country. It’s one of the biggest segments of the market that exists. It was clear to us that we had the opportunity to really scale our impact.”
  • 13:30 – “Our whole mission is focused on supporting small business owners who need  a community development organization like DreamSpring to access capital, we’re bridging a gap before entry into the conventional mainstream banks.”