Scaling Impact

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E3: The Challenges of Fundraising with Bernstein Private Wealth Management’s Evan Linhardt

Vice President of Bernstein Private Wealth Management Evan Linhardt joins me to discuss the common challenges in growing fundraising campaigns, how nonprofits can combat power imbalances they have with key donors and the key elements to a strong relationship between donor and fundraiser.

Evan Linhardt is a former nonprofit leader and public service executive and is now the Vice President and Financial Advisor for Bernstein Private Wealth Management. He now serves non-profits, foundations, and families to design investment strategies that align and allow them to fulfill their missions to maximize impact.

Evan is a Board Member and Treasurer at LiveWell Foundation, a Board Member at Sow Good Now, an Advisory Board Member at Community Foundation of South Jersey, and an Advisory Board Member at the Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia, as well as holding Corporate Responsibility at AllianceBernstein. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Scaling Impact:

  • How Evan went from working in nonprofits and charities to being VP in a Private Wealth Management firm.
  • How Evan helps individuals build investment portfolios that align with their goals and beliefs.
  • The challenges in growing and scaling nonprofits fundraising campaigns.
  • How nonprofits can combat the power imbalance they have with their key donors.
  • How donors and fundraisers can build strong trusting relationships with each other.
  • How investors can invest for impact as well as profit.


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  • 11:01 – “It’s really important that you’re stewarding those donors over time and really engaging with them in different mediums.”
  • 24:14 – “This can be really important, understanding what are the things that are important to you and looking for companies that are pushing those ideals.”