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E93: Building Software MUCH Faster

Software engineering is the biggest bottleneck to progress in product development for B2B SaaS companies.

This is all going to change QUICKLY.  ChatGPT can now write code for us and provide building blocks which will make it MUCH faster to build software.

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Episode Transcript
Hey folks, Sean here and today what I want to talk to you about is not just why technology evolves, but how it evolves. I think we’re all relatively familiar and probably very comfortable with the fact that technology appears to be evolving all around us at all times at this point, which can be anywhere from exciting to frustrating, depending on what role you play in whatever it is that you do.

But there is a distinct pattern if you look closely enough in terms.  when we might expect technology to evolve and in particular wear, and that is around, what I’m often referring to is the bottleneck, which is, you can think of it as the slowest step in the process, whatever the process is, but along that critical path, whatever step is the slowest, that’s where the vast majority of the resources are being invested in order to figure out how to eliminate that step as the bottleneck.

As such, you can expect. Innovation to come in or around that area eventually, because that investment is eventually gonna lead to leap forward in progress, meaning that that bottleneck is going to be eliminated. Now, couple things to note here. When the bottleneck is ultimately eliminated, that doesn’t mean that it disappears.

A bottleneck never disappears. A bottleneck seemingly just moves as in whatever was the slowest step in the process that isn’t any longer. Somewhere along that critical path, there’s another step that is now the slowest. And as such, if you follow along there, you can look backwards historically to see seemingly a pro relatively predictable path of ultimately what has become an evolution in technology.

Now, the one that is of particular concern right now where I’m doing most of the research, most of my research is focused on, I should say, is what these AI tools are capable of and how they’re gonna impact product development teams. In particular at B2B SaaS companies, which is where I do the majority of my consulting.

in looking at where the bottlenecks are there. The biggest ones at the moment are related to product development, and as such, how long it takes software engineering to build features and applications. So with the innovation around these AI tools like Chat G P T for example, what they’re ultimately planning to do is eliminate software engineering as the bottleneck in the process.

I even created a video to demonstrate the capabilities of ChatGPT to write the code for you, which like I said, has been the biggest bottleneck on these product development teams in creating a sub-routine for me and node js to swap variables around, which is a relatively straightforward request, but you can ask it whatever you would like and in mere seconds it’s able to produce the code that is

production ready, like you can copy and paste it, drop it right into your application and start using it immediately. That is dramatically faster than how that process has been being completed up until now. So my question for you is, is your team exploring this and are you ready for these changes?