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Our Approach

The NxtStep Process

Everyone needs a product strategy to achieve success. Ours is as follows.


Identify top problems for your target audience


Save time and money by validating your solution


Build fast to maximize your ability to learn and improve

What We Offer

The Product Services We Offer

We offer a variety of product strategy and implementation services. Below is a list of our services broken down by the phase of your organization.

Early-Stage Companies

Customer Discovery

We’ll help you identify a specific target audience with big problems ready to be solved


Save money, build faster with a no code / low code MVP so you can get it into your initial customers hands quickly

Virtual Product Officer

For those that need a bit more product help without the budget to hire someone to join the team full-time

Growth-Stage Companies

User Research

We’ll help you identify how to make your existing product better with qualitative data directly from your product’s current users

Product Training

Growing product organizations need their more junior personnel to develop and grow with your organization

Product Operations

Rapid growth means your product company is going to need effective product processes and personnel in place to get the job done

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